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Friday, July 22, 2011
My household has a serious soda lover! Not only is it so NOT good for you, but it is also expensive and all those cans and bottles are not good for the environment. 

At Christmas I decided to buy a SodaStream Soda maker for my DH as a gift that would keep on giving.  Sometimes when you buy these novelty type products they fade and get shoved in the back of your cupboard and forgotten about.  Well I can happily say our soda maker sits proudly on our counter 7 months after being purchased – and it is not collecting dust! 

Our SodaStream gets used a number of times each week to make delicious, ASPARTAME FREE, sparkling water, soda and flavoured waters.


  • There are a variety of SodaStream machines to choose from that will suit everyone's kitchen decor.
  • A wide variety of flavours to choose from that really do taste like their bottled/canned counterpart.
  • Can order your SodaStream supplies online if you don’t have a retailer near you (Sears in Canada and selected WaterDepot stores carry these).
  • Can customize the amount of bubbles and sweetness to your own taste.
  • Everyone who has access to regular tap water can use this system.
  • Saves you money in the long run!
  • Environmentally friendly reusable bottles and refillable CO2 cartridges
  • The plastic bottles cannot be washed in the dishwasher
  • My dog does not like the “buzzing” sound the machine makes – it is really funny to see her run out of the kitchen J
  • Initial start up cost can be a bit high. The lowest priced kit starts at $99 and some models go up to $279
Overall if your family drinks a lot of soda water or pop I highly recommend picking up a system for yourself.  You will be doing something good for yourself and your family.


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    Was thinking about purchasing one of these, will check it out. Thanks

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